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India: Emerging Market for LED Lighting

LED lighting has gone into its mature phase in North American and Europe in recent years and is rapidly penetrating into new emerging markets. These years India has become the big”New Land”for Chinese LED lighting enterprises.

LED lighting manufacturing business in India is at its early stage for a long time. Most of the products still remain low level. However, this year Indian government has vigorously advocated application of LED lights products. LED insiders predicted that LED lighting market growth rate in India can reach up to 40%, making it out of the “New land”.

However, China LED lights manufacturers are faced with two big problems when entering into India market. In India there conducted non-unified operation on electricity price. Electricity power supply has been the kernel bottleneck in Indian urban and rural. Indian government has considered electricity as one of the most livelihood issues, which has become the most potential realm for LED lighting. By the statistics, almost 80% lighting products in India were imported from China. This new LED lighting project shall provide a great opportunity for China LED lighting manufacturers. But the delivery cost and price have been the most serious issue to be considered. Especially in civilian market, LED lights products bear very low popularity till now.

However, to some degree, India is still one big emerging market for LED lighting. How to deal with the delivery problem and price is still touch and go.

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