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Is it Really Difficult for LED Light Manufacturers to Go into American Market

This year American LED Associations have recently encouraged China LED Light Manufacturers to go into American market and sell China LED lights products, thus signifying a far better chance for China LED light manufacturers. However, the largest threshold against most of China LED light manufacturers is UL certification.

China LED Light Manufacturers Vied for American LED Lighting Market

At the beginning of 2013, American government began to phase out alternatives to tungsten lamps project, the first phase-out of which is banning sales of more than 100 watt tungsten lamps.

As the global largest importer and consumer of home building materials, America has realized that huge consumption of materials and energy does harm to sustainable development. LEDs is the most promising light source and has been taken as substitution for old halogen and tungsten in decades with the advantage of energy saving and less thermal emission. However, price of LED lights products are much higher than conventional tungsten lamps and halogen. LED lamps Replacement for traditional lamps is still a long way to go.

In China, super high brightness LED lights fixtures have been widely applied in indoor and outdoor lighting places; for examples. Yet in America, the popularization of LED lights is far away from ordinary usage, especially for general lighting.

LED Light Manufacturers Should Focus on Quality

Now UL certification is the biggest issue for LED light manufacturers to go into American market. It is reported that LED lights products with no UL certification are forbidden to enter American market. Whereas, annual cost for one-time UL application is no less than 500,000RMB and cost of UL certification can amount to 1000 US dollar. Furthermore, LED lights products with UL certification are much higher on cost and price than those free from authentication. Mr. King, General Manager of Shenzhen Syhdee Manufactory Co. Ltd. noted that “ We are one China LED light manufacturer, which concentrated on LED tube lights producing, R&D, and sales. From the beginning of 2009, we started to apply for different certifications for LED tube export. For LED tube of UL certification, cost for materials and certification is one big part. The sale price of one UL certified LED tube is nearly twice higher than generic one.”

However, for LED light manufacturers, LED lights items with UL certification is not only a matter of exporting but a bigger issue of quality security. LED lights for export is demanding on quality and relative requirement. As for most LED light manufacturers, LED lights products with UL certification bear the advantage as bellow:

1.LED lights quality is considered as serious problem in American market. Most of the customers will select UL certified LED lights items instead of generic LED light. UL has a long history in America. LED lights with UL certification are better for sales and acceptance.

2.With regard to China LED light manufacturers, LED lights with UL certification to export abroad can win much more confidence of American consumers.

3.UL certification is acknowledged by the whole U. S. States, counties, etc.

Obviously, one of the biggest issues for LED light manufacturers is at best quality security. After all, as for LED light manufacturers, high quality LED lights products can win the market.

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