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Taiwan:New LED Energy Efficiency Standards Carried out

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs new LED energy efficiency standards has been taken effective on July 1 this year. Since then Taiwan has become the first Asian country to carry out the LED energy efficiency measures.

New LED energy standards mainly target LED bulbs, which are applicable for imported and domestic LED products, to insure LED products quality management . The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection noted that imported and domestically manufactured LED bulbs that fail to meet the new LED energy standards will be banned from sales in Taiwan. Moreover, new LED energy standards stipulated that LED bulbs efficacy for indoor LED lighting should reach 75lm/W. This new LED energy is aimed at reducing energy cost and carbon emission.

Recently, LED lighting has developed very rapidly. New LED technology and governmental policy to encourage LED lighting application in household, commercial, architectural lighting have greatly promoted LED lights products price reduction and markets development. In Taiwan, lighting energy consumption was estimated to reach up to 267 billion electricity power, which amounts to 10.9% of total energy consumption, among which fluorescent tube lights are the most commonly used light source in Taiwan household lighting application. With the fluorescent tube lights retrofit with LED lights all around the world, LED lights stepping into household lighting application will go further.

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