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LED tube lights in Commercial LED Lighting Application Soars in 2014

According to the latest LEDinside Analyses, it is reported that commercial LED lighting share rate in 2014 is soaring, with the expectation of reaching up to 23%.

Today LED tube lights, spotlight, LED downlights, spotlight are widely applied in commercial LED lighting market. Especially LED tube market demand was US $2.58 billion in 2013. “ LED tub e lights in commercial lighting field will increase to US $8.87 billion by 2018.” said LEDinside Associate Manager Joanne Wu. Over the past five years, LED tube lights had been extremely predominant in commercial lighting application, especially in supermarket, office, and underground park lot, etc. With the improvement on R&D, producing and market, LED tubes bear great advantages on C/P( cost/performance) over other luminaires.

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