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Russian Government Promotes LED Lights Programme

It is reported that Russian Railway Corporation has scheduled to purchase LED lights for retrofit of Russian railway lighting project, observed by Sergey Borovkov, the business partner of Lighting Business Consulting LLC.

Russian Railway Corporation,RZD, one of the largest Russian stated-operated purchaser, had planned this LED lights replacement project since 2009. Till now LED lighting for railway station and rail track has been completed already and will be still ongoing.

LED lights fixtures price is 50 times of traditional bulbs as well as 10-15 times of conventional fluorescent tubes. It might take a long time for most consumers to select LED lights instead of traditional lighting products. The price of LED lighting fixtures has become the primary consideration. And fortunately, substantial price fall of LED lights products motivated LED lights development. Recently Russian government has carried out a series of measures to promote LED lights project in Russia. As one member of emerging-markets, Russia played one important role in economic development. To be brought in line with international standards, Russian government has enacted law of energy strategy outline in 2009, stipulating sales ban of over 100watts bulbs in 2011; of more than 75 watts bulbs in 2013, and of over 25watts in 2014, claiming traditional bulbs withdrawal from the market. Moreover, market capacity of fluorescent tubes in Russia is still huge, while waste recycling issue has become one Gordian knot. In the long run, environmental issues will be the bottleneck of fluorescent tube development.

In accordance with Analyses of Russian market, LED lighting fixtures market share keeps growing, which accounts for 37% of lighting industry, among which commercial LED lighting, industrial LED lighting, office LED lighting have become the three biggest parts. It is predicted that LED lights, applied in commercial lighting, office lighting, and industrial lighting, shall increase rapidly in demand.

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