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LED Lighting and Ambiscene

It is reported that Business Academy Bexley public school has been updated by LED lighting and adaptive wireless control system, thus reducing its energy costs by 60% and resulting in EURO 25,000 annually.

Have you ever attended in Light and Building 2014, the world largest trade show in lighting and building , you will be no surprising that this is a worldwide business forum that gathers all experts in lighting and architecture. The hottest topic this year should be focused on exploring technology for life-the best energy is energy not consumed. Target to find the best solution to reduce energy consumption is the ultimate goal. This year lighting control system technology, Zigbee representing one of these companies, showed us how to apply smart lighting control system in LED lighting.

It is known that philips has been applied LED lighting in Ambiscene for a few years. Adopting LED lighting and control system, Ambiscene has become the most popular lighting application area. Ambiscene is the lighting concept of the flexible lighting under different conditions, making the space more attractive, effective, and meaningful through lighting application. Emotionally, Ambiscene is the lighting application on human minds. One’ mood shall be changed under various lighting environment. For example, under lighting occasion of 3000K, one’s mind should be very nice, warm, and much comfortable; in 4000K lighting, one’s mood shall be inr the most effective state, peaceful, intelligent for work; of 6000K, it is cool and serious. Adopting the combination of LED lighting and lighting control system maximizes the advantage of Ambiscene, which becomes more flexible, controllable, and emotional.

What do you think of all above? Have you ever realized the relationship of the three: LED lighting, smart control system, and Ambiscene?

It is obvious that LED lighting and intelligent lighting control system technology have been popularly combined to apply in lighting areas nowadays. Application of LED lighting and smart lighting control system creates the most marvellous lighting environment.

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