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China Manufacturers Presence at Light and Building 2014

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition 2014 lasts from March 30 to April 4, during which China manufacturers expand presence at the Light and Building fair. It comes no surprise that more China manufacturers participate in global market, since China has played a major role over the world.

Having finished the big international trade exhibition, Shenzhen Syhdee Manufactory Co. Ltd. Manager Chen expressed his feelings about this big fair:

Over 2458 manufacturers have attended this big fair this year, showing their new concepts and products. Industries involved in the fair include lighting industry, electrical engineering, architectural and automated building. The theme of this year’s is “ Exploring technology for life-the best energy is energy not consumed”. Target is to find the best solutions to reduce energy consumption. Manufacturers are dedicated to working out a schema to interlink building infrastructures and lighting control system to reassemble power supply and reach more energy saving.

Smart Control System Applied in Lighting

Observing from Light and Building, it is obvious that integration of LED lighting and smart lighting has become the latest issue and theme for many manufacturers. Many manufacturers showed their wired and wireless control system at this fair.

Alternative Advertising: Zero Product Display and Fairground

Chen noted that some large lighting manufacturers took a unique way to display their products. Opple Lighting did not display its new product but install them in one of the nearby hotels for the prospective customers. Moreover, differing from other lighting manufacturers, Guzzini set up the advertisement next to Frankfurt bus stop to attract people.

China Manufacturers’ Problems

Similar to the show in 2012, the majority of Chinese manufacturers were located in Hall 10. With so many manufacturers in attendance and all designated to one hall, many Chinese and Taiwanese manufactures moved to Halls 4 and 6 in order to have larger exhibition space. It was reported that two China manufacturers’ booths have been canceled in this trade fair for the cause of infringement.

Compared with foreign lighting industry,China lighting industry was confronted with huge problems. With the rapid development of LED lighting, innovation has been the keen sword to break the bottleneck of LED technology improvement. It was showed that Foreign lighting manufacturers were adopting new LED lighting techniques to enhance their competitive capabilities while with the fierce competition, many China manufacturers took their arms to fight with the peer in price war, only leading to products homogenization and more cruel competition.

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