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Japan: New Phosphor Material for 10mm hemispheric White LED

Recently, Japanese University of Tokyo R&D group and Nagoya University research group have developed one new type yellow phosphor Cl_MS, which is applied in white LED. “ Compared with existing phosphors, new Cl_MS phosphor can not only obtain proper soft light in residential lighting, but lower cost,”revealed by one official, “ Although the specific time for volume production is not settled, this new phosphor entire techniques for MP is well confirmed. Later follow-up issues were negotiating with LED manufacturers.

Cl_MS new phosphor is made from Ca1-x,Srx7SiO36Cl2 and Eu2, Ca1-x,Srx7SiO36Cl2 as mother wafer and Eu2 as stimulator to form platelike crystal structure, which is characterized by up to 94% quantum efficiency. More over, this new phosphor can absorb less blue light and generate wide spectral range.

Yuji, one of the officials said:" This new phosphor material, with lower solubility, is applied to make10mm hemispheric white LED which adopts Cl_MS phosphor, blue phosphor and purple LED chip. In contrast with the former existing white LED with 2-3mm in length and 0.5mm in thickness, this new white LED phosphor particle in solubility is reduced to 1/20-1/20.

Five points can be concluded for the newly developed white LED:

High luminance and brightness: Luminance is improved by 25% with lower solubility phosphor paticle.

Lower brightness in frontage: With lower light effect in the frontal side, it can ease the dazzling feeling that white LED impresses on human without reduction of lighting area.

Uniformity of light: Newly developed white LED can achieve perfect uniformity of light for blue phosphor and Cl_MS are well mixed to produce the equal light effct.

Wide illuminated area: this type of10mmhemispheric white LED has wider illuminated area. While employed in LED lighting, this white LED lights can lighten the whole room.

High degree of option in structural design: This new white LED can be made into hemisphere or coniform, etc.

Lower Cost: LED Lights Price

The whole manufacturing process excludes high temperature(2000) and voltage working and anaerobic environment control, which could reduce the manufacturing cost and LED lights price.

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