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Smart Lighting: New Experience for LED Lighting

In the 21st century, it is an epoch making event for the biggest revolution in mobile phone. Smart phone changed the way we used generally with finger clicking on the phone keyboard instead of screen touching. Likewise, LED lighting , as the emerging industry, is changing the way we experience it .

Smart Lighting: New Concept, New Way

Smart lighting is no longer a new concept for us. What is smart lighting? Applying new technology to LED lighting to control LED lighting procedures, we can make sure less energy , more effectiveness. Moreover, smart lighting allows users to both use and feel the way, which can benefit our health and mood. This is a new way for our LED lighting experience.

Smart Lighting Technology: Power line Carrier Technology, Bussing Technique, Wireless Communication Tech

Power line Carrier technology: Power line Carrier technology is one that adopts traditional wires to deliver signals and data. Compared with the wireless way, power line carrier has its advantage, which could apply the set line system without any changes and make sure the stability of signal input. Applying power line carrier technology on LED lighting is one way that employed the conventional line setting advantage.

Bussing Technique: Bussing technique refers to one way that combine all the components with the bussing line, which is the passage for data delivery, exchange, share and control. It was applied in LED lighting on the purpose of taking charge of the whole wiring system automatically and intelligently.

Wireless Communication Tech: To solve the disadvantage of wiring communication, wireless communication is one virtual tech that delivers and exchanges the data signal by electromagnetic signals, which can achieve remote-control function.

Smart lighting combines the three multiple high techniques with LED lighting techniques to make smart LED lighting come true.


For several years development, smart LED lighting had been used in commercial lighting and office lighting. Household lighting will be the next milestone.

Smart LED Lighting for Office Building

Smart LED Lighting for Commercial Lighting

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