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A Long Way for LED Lighting Stepping into Household Lighting

With the development of LED lighting industry for more than 10 years, the LED lighting market is becoming more sound and promising. How to keep the future development, which has been the serious issue for LED insiders. It is said the prospect of LED lighting will lead to household lighting in the near future. While it is still a long story-telling.

Nowadays, LED lights have been widely used in various realm: Transportation facility, large-scale projects, and special usage in military application, etc. The LED lighting is penetrating into household lighting gradually. However, with the difficulties on LED lights application, LED lighting in household wil be a long way to go.

There are two reasons why it is very difficult for LED lighting to step into the ordinary family lighting:

Firstly, compared with the traditional fluorescent lighting, LED lighting was a new -coming way , which is envioronmentally-friendly and energy saving. While on appearance and lighting effect, LED lights bear very little difference with the conventional ones. People regards traditional tube light as the familiar way, but not have energy saving sense on the new ones,

Secondly, price is the sucker. Compared with general lights, LED lights are much more expensive. As to an individual family, applying LED lighting is like using luxury goods, to which one could not afford.

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