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New Phosphor Solution: Remote Phosphor for LED Lighting

Recently one leading manufacturer for phosphor solutions announced their new designed product with remote phosphor, which offers uniform luminance over any length, high flux density and a sleek, white off-state finish.

Remote phosphor is a lighting system architecture where a separate phosphor component is powered by blue LEDs. LED lighting applications use this architecture and the increased light extraction, which enables to reduce LED component costs. Lighting uniformity and consistency are also improved.

This product adopts linear light source, which is widely use for commercial and industrial lighting area worldwide. Previously Office lighting and other commercial lighting applications have been challenging for white LEDs because of the need to diffuse the point light sources, Thus. reducing system efficacy. However, linear light source can solve this problem. For it can deliver naturally uniform, high quality light with conversion efficacy when used with the most efficient blue LEDs available, while, white LEDs are not available.

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