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America: 10 Years Warranty on LED Tubes

One of U.S. LED tube manufacturers announced a 10 year warranty at the International Lighting Fair International. Independence LED has a simple formula that does not restrict the user from running the lights 24/7. According to Charlie Szoradi, the Independence LED chief , “ We are proud to offer the strongest known warranty program across the global LED tube lighting industry. For our LED tube series, we now offer a 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty on up to 60,000 hours of operating life, whichever occurs first.

This year some of top LED tube manufacturers have increased the warranty of LED tube as the LED industry became maturer and maturer. LED warranty is based on multiple factors. Many American manufacturers adopt aluminum heat sink and external driver technology as the key to reach LED longevity.

Moreover, besides the 10 year warranty, the other standards for a top quality LED tube are outlined in the International Class A-10 Standards. Warranty is one of the ten Standards. As for customers and investors, warranty is one key point to be considered. However, other factors should be taken into account since they are chain relative to each other. 10 year warranty on LED tube is a matter of complex techniques and multi-factors.

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