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Situation of LED Industry

In 2012, general LED lighting has surpassed all other applications, representing nearly 39% of total revenue of packaged LEDs. In 2013 LED lighting has grown totally up to 26%. The status of LED industry is not stable, even the LED environment is fierce and competitive. LED based lighting product prices have decreased more rapidly than expected, thus increasing the penetration rate of the technology. However overcapacity has engendered a decrease in LED market size unexpectedly.

Yole Développement estimates packaged LED will reach a market size of $13.9B in 2013 and will peak to $16B by 2018. Growth will be driven by general lighting applications (45% to 65% of total revenue during this period), completed by display applications. Regarding display and other applications, most products on the LED market integrate LED technology. However,Saturation mixed with strong price pressure and competition from LED will make these markets decline from 2013 to 2014.

Confronted with the harsh situation, how to survive in LED industry has reached the top-one question among LED manufacturers and traders. Dealing with the LED current situation is what every LED company must consider seriously.

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