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LED Tube Shipment to Reach 380 Million in 2014

It is reported that in 2014,Global LED tube shipment is expected to reach 380 million, which offers the LED tube technology a 9.74% market penetration rate.

According to Digitimes Research, the LED tube lamp is becoming more popular in demand than the traditional fluorescent light due to its energy saving, high lighting safety and new breakthrough on technology. It is predicted that luminous efficiency of LED tube could reach 200lm/W in 2014.

With the rapid and competitive development of LED industry, the LED tube manufacturers and traders in LED tube domain have taken their arms to occupy the high-end market. Shenzhen Syhdee Manufactory Co. Ltd., as one of the leading makers in LED tube industry, has been keeping forwards on LED tube field.The production amount in 2014 is estimated to reach 200,000,000.

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