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SYH Led Tube New Products Launch Conference

SYH new type led tube opening meeting holds in October, 10th. Two kinds of new tubes T8, T10 are introduced on the launch conference. All relevant personnel attend the meeting.

Improvement on T8 Led Tube

On the conference, it is reported that T8 led tube has made great improvement on caps and power source. New T8 Led tubes adopt King-size caps and dual power source, which makes new tubes look simple and clean. Moreover, All PC materials shall be on trial in the new T8 product, which makes the led tube stronger against high voltage and more environment-friendly.

t8 LED tube lights

T8 All PC Led Tube King-size caps

New Design Caps, No UV for T10 Led Tube

It is claimed at the first time that rotatable and non-rotatable caps integration shall be applied in 4 types of T10 new led lamps, which makes T10 new led much more flexible to install. Furthermore, The PE(power efficiency) of new T10 led is 100 up; PF can reach 0.9-0.95, thus providing steady power and higher light.In the meantime, facula problem Has been solved for the new T10 Led tubes and, which makes them greatly favored by the market.

Recently samples of new products have been made. Products shall be placed on the market instantly after they are successfully approved to work in the best condition by SYH QC department.

T10 LED tube new type

T10 Rotatable and Non-rotatable Integration Caps Led Tube No UV

rotating or non-rotating end caps LED tube t10

Rotatable and Non-rotatable Integration Orange Caps

Lighting scene

High Brightness Light Source, No UV

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