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Public Notice

Public Notice

The potential hazard : When install without power off as Type A application and the non “L,N” pin connect the circuit and power on first.The potential shock hazard and possible short circuit will occur if touch another exposed pin.

Name of Products: Type A+B LED tube Lamps

Hyperikon or FUDAKIN, Models:

HyperBC-4C-40G, HyperBC-4C-50G, FDK-LT8G-4-184FAB

Units: Approximately 55,100

Date of Manufacture:

1) HyperBC-4C-40G——2017.8

2) HyperBC-4C-50G——2017.8

3) FDK-LT8G-4-18XFAB ——2016.11

The products bear a UL Mark and the following:


Lamp installation and application warning notice

1)Please turn off the power before installation the lamp

2)The end with” L,N” label connect circuit as Type B application

3) Don’t touch the pin after finished the right installation as Type A application,and ensure the pins will not exposed.

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