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SYHDEE Released New Products -- LED Parking Lot Light

SYHDEE has recently released its new outdoor lighting products LED shoe box which is committed to American market.

Adopting high efficient Nichia LED chip, the Syhdee LED Parking Lot Light ‘s simple design provides maximum light distribution and is ideal

for commercial and industrial uses. “ Safety Security and Eco Fit” is the theme of Syhdee tube lights focus.

LED Shoe Box Structure

Have an overview of glass tube structure:

The LED parking lot light is patent products , which is Origval Tyco Day light sensor and different voltages options 100-277V,277-480V. It's lumen up to 130lm/w high lighting and its beam angle different application.

LED Shoe Box Performance

Optically, led shoe box uses Nichia LED chip to ensure high brightness and luminous performance.


* Lumens 130lm/W.
* Beam angle different application.
* Patent Products.
* High efficient Nichia LED Chip.
* Different installation.
* Origval Tyco Day light sensor.
* Different Voltages options 100-277V,277-480V.
* Meanwell or Inventronics.
* IP Rating:IP65.

LED Parking Lot Light V1.0(1)

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