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Company Annual General Meeting of Syhdee

How time flies! the busy year of 2015 has been gone, the new ambition and hope is coming with the new year. Shenzhen Syhdee Co., Ltd celebrate the year-end of 2015 and welcome the year beginning on 2016, so the whole family of Syhdee and friends having a party on January 21, 2016. The annual meeting summarize the 2015 and the more is planning the new ambition and work focus on 2016.

The company CEO King Liu and general manager Jianwei Tang having a speech, they review the development history in the last 7 years. In 2015 Syhdee is growth in all areas, the performance growth 56%; the staff growth 20%; the capacity growth 100%.

Syhdee’s program in 2016

1) Established the national CNAS laboratory and dust-free workshop on March

2) 15 million pcs LED tube will be sale on 2016

3) The other lighting fixture will be sale at less 800,000pcs on 2016

4) The sales amount exceed 3 billion

5) Being listed on the New OTC Market, Initiating Market transactions on May

We work together in 2015, and we will create a new growth in 2016.

Every expectation, every trust, every moving moment, becomes our wheels of progress.

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