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Syhdee has added production line for led glass tube

In 2015, With the intensification of LED marketing competition, competition among enterprises has become increasingly fierce. the updating for products becomes so fast, the aluminum+PC cover led tube and full PC led tube, now glass led tube is popular among market.

Glass tube has its unique advantages result in hot selling on the market:

• Safe and easy to pass CE & UL certificate test, even use non-isolated power can ensure safety;
• High transmittance than PC cover, good luminosity, and more conducive to light output;
• Glass tube more dirt resistant and not yellowing after use long time
• More in line with people’s habits
• Cost-effective, price cheaper than PC and other material.

• Glass LED tube has a large light angle

According to market research, Syhdee developed a variety of led glass tube.

T8 glass led tube DC compatible(UL/DLC Approval)
Export market: North America

Lumen: 120LM/W-140LM/W

T8 Glass tube universal AC compatible

Export market: North America

Lumen: 120LM/W-140LM/W

Syhdee has added 2 automated production line response to LED glass tube is hot selling on the market.

Also added burn-in rack for AC/DC glass tube

Now Syhdee can produce 500000 pcs led glass tube per month. Moreover, for strictly control the quality we only accept more than 10000 pcs order.

Please note well.

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