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At the end of year, Syhdee is busy with shipments

“The road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep.” Syhdee established with 10 employees to 650 employees. Production capacity from zero to million, 0 to 300 million. Over 8 years experience in LED Lighting industry, Syhdee has been strong.

In the year end of 2015, Syhdee taken Shenzhen city’s lighting project and cooperation with American’s famous supermarket. One by one good news from Syhdee as Chinese old saying”a double blessing has descended upon the house”

Such a big order and quantity is a test for Syhdee’s production capacity and logistic, and also giving confidence and passion to Syhdee’s staff and clients in this special time( Syhdee is ready to go public)

Under the direction of Syhdee chairman Ruijin Liu, the company propose slogan “”Devote our life to manufacture quality products. he points out that we need to ensure delivery time while ensuring Syhdee product’s quality. For guarantee delivery, the product lines working 24 hours.

Image 1: UL/DLC AL+PC Cover LED Tube for American Supermarket’s order shipment

Image 2: Shenzhen Metro order

Image 3: UL/DLC approved compatible LED tube for American Contractor

Image 4: Full PC LED tube for European Contractor

To make sure the quality and date time of big clients’ orders, Syhdee specially open a line for it.

So pls. choose Syhee. We will make sure all orders be delivery as your request. It’s our duty and we can do it.

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