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Commercial LED Lighting Solutions in 2015

Today LED lighting application presents a booming magnificence with the advantage of less energy cost and clear, green light output. Requirements have extended everywhere such as indoor and outdoor, residential, commercial, industrial, horticultural, etc. First of all, the general review of LED lighting products and lighting area help you figure out more.

Residential Lighting: usually power supply less than 20watt, LED products range covers LED bulbs and tubes, wall lamps, desk lamps, chandelier, bedside lamps, etc.

Commercial: power less than 60watt, LED down light, panel lights, LED troffer, LED fluorescent tube, ceiling light, linear lamps, etc.

Industrial: power supply more than 60watt, LED flood light, street light, high bay, washer light,etc.

Syhdee is dedicated to offering customers commercial LED lighting solutions. Here makes conclusion of commercial LED products developed through the whole year.

1. Highlighted Products for LED Lighting Solutions in 2015

New LED Fluorescent Tube Retrofit: Glass&Full Plastic, External Driver, Ballast Compatible&Dimmable

LED tube is our backbone product. To enhance tube lights performance, the third generation LED tube lights make innovation and improvement on material, structure and function. New glass LED tube, full plastic tube lights, external driver LED tube, ballast compatible tube and dimmable LED tube are to be listed in new developing product projects.

led fluorescent tube light

Commercial LED Panel Light: Back-lit&Edge-lit

Except tube lights, SYHDEE has broadened new LED product line in the new year. The first generation LED panel light comes into being. Back-lit plus edge-lit panel light solutions are committed to American and European market.

led panel light

LED Linear Lights&Down light

Furthermore, we have made attempt on linear lamps and down light as one part of new product line extension.

led linear light

led down light

2. Key Trends are Emerging

Light Quality Improvement

As the development of LED technology and its application, quality of light is becoming one key issue. Typical technical problems in terms of color consistency, compatibility, brightness uniformity, strobe flicker have made great progress due to technology improvement.

Smart Control Integration

Today lighting solutions is more than one replacement or retrofit to existing light source. Lighting solutions tend to include lighting controls such as motion sensing, PIR sensor, dimming, wire or wireless interface, motion tracking, daylight harvest, and even communication. Smart light control system will improve user experience, enable lifestyle change, and increase productivity.

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