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Ballast Bypass plus Plug and Play(Direct Wire)-New Compatible Tubes Integrate Hybrid Function

SYHDEE has currently released new ballast compatible tube lights(2nd generation), integrating hybrid function-ballast bypass &direct fit(or "plug and play").

ballast bypass led tube plus direct replacement led tube

Lighting phase out and upgrade has been undergoing in North America.Old lamps refitting and replacement is still one big commercial project. Many retrofit programs demand LED tube lights that are compatible with traditional ballast, which help alter old lamps with new LED without rewiring and ballast change. As one replaceable product, compatible tube becomes demanding this year.

Ballast Bypass or Ballast Compatible(Plug and Play/Direct Fit)

Currently two types of tubes are widely applied-ballast bypass LED tube and ballast compatible( plug and play/ direct fit) LED tube.

Plug and play LED tube, or direct replacement LED tube are most applied in personal home lighting retrofitting because of convenient installation. Individual users might feedback it is more practical to use plug and play direct fit LED tube for home lighting improvement if they want to replace old fluorescent tube but retaining existing ballast. Compared with bypass LED tube, plug and play LED tube is more expensive. Yet if you are one homeowner, replacement for less quantity lamps in an existing troffer, the cost of tube will make up for the cost of hiring one electrical technician.

However, the complicated issue remains to be compatibility. We have found plug and play direct fit LED tube is very complex on ballast compatibility. Some tubes work with magnetic ballasts and others work with electronic ballasts. Especially, electronic ballast compatibility is much more sophisticated. For some direct replacement LED tube are recommended to compatible with instant start electronic ballasts, others for preheat. Which kind of existing ballasts for your fluorescent lamps. Fact is that it is very difficult for consumers to know ballasts models cause they are not marked outside. So in cases, it comes to trial the error and righteous. Moreover, although LED tubes don't put as much strain on a ballast, eventually those ballasts are going to wear out and need to be replaced. Maintenance cost is high. So what on the onset is appealing because of installation simplicity. Plug and play direct fit LED tube is better fit for home improvement.

To solve this problem, researchers are considering bypassing ballast to make it easier. Removal of old ballast reduces a lot of electricity cost though the rewiring might be a bit labor cost. To be mentioned, ballast bypass tube lights is interacting with AC voltage input. Due to safety requirements, safety organization as UL ETL introduced standards to ensure that this product can be installed safely. So that ballast bypass LED tube lights have to be installed with the line voltage input into single side of the tube. Today ballast bypass LED tube is mature in the market. Despite complex installation requirements, ballast bypass tubes have great advantages in that the unit cost is lowest compared with other choices. In large commercial lighting project, consideration of ballast bypass tube lights is able to save every dollar needed except hiring an electrician performing rewiring work.

Integrating Hybrid Function-Ballast Bypass plus Direct Fit

Having gone through market investigation and our customers feedback, SYHDEE released the second ballast compatible LED tube that integrates hybrid function-ballast bypass plus ballast compatible. New LED tube lights is ellipse designed and adopt unique LED driver scheme. Moreover, this tube direct fits shunted or non-shunted socket, which is convenient for T8, T12 fixture. New LED lights tube has passed UL DLC FCC certifications for North American market. Maximum efficacy is up to 150lm/w.

Details please refer to our Ballast compatible LED tube lights for your reference.

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