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Syhdee Presents LED Tube and LED Downlight at GILE2014

LED lighting currently has launched the lighting industry into the rapidest development pace. With its energy saving and eco-green, LED lighting has been considerably accepted by lighting insiders. Many lighting manufacturers are looking for new technologies and conducting new application of LEDs to secure a sustainable and subsequent development model.

At Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition(GILE2014) this year, with the core theme of green and environmental protection, many LED lighting showcased LED lighting products mainly including LED tube lights, LED downlights, LED bulb, etc.

Syhdee Manufactory Co. Ltd. is attending the 19th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. As one of the professional LED lights manufacturer, Syhdee presented its own branded LED tube lights and LED downlights at this technical lighting fair.

CILE2014 LED Lights show SYHDEE Booth

LED Tube Lights PC&Aluminum Materials VS All Plastic& Glass

At this fair, many LED tube manufacturers displayed their LED tubes made up of all plastics and glass and plastic. Traditionally, LED tube lights adopt PC and aluminum as materials with the most advantage of excellent heat sink and insulation. While with the discovery of new materials glass or plastic has become the most promising new materials applied in LED tube lights. However, glass LED tube bears the disadvantage of poor heat dissipation and shorter lifespan. And the thermal management technical problem remains to be solved. “ It is trend force that plastic and glass should be adopted in the near future. While the technology is still in its infancy. We are dedicated to plastic and glass LED tube research and development but still we concentrate on our LED tube lights made up of PC& aluminum alloy” Noted General Manager, Mr. King Liu.

Exhibition for LED tubes and LED down lights

Turon LED Downlights Showcase Featured by First-rate Materials & Mature Process Technology

Moreover, at this fair Syhdee has presented its own branded Turon LED downlights. With nearly one years’ R&D, newly-developed LED downlights have been created with first-rate materials and mature process technology. Adopting die cast alloy aluminum as LED downlights shell and COB, SMD and power LEDs as light source, Turon LED downlights can be widely applied in commercial LED lighting and residential LED lighting.

discussion scene

So far this year LED lighting has been developing with accelerating pace and step. Many LED lighting manufacturers venture to adopt new lighting technology to mend and strengthen LED lighting application and solution. It is obvious that LED lighting suppliers are looking forwards much more intelligent LED lights solutions to make Green Lighting really come true.

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