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Congratulations On Huizhou Syhdee Industrial Park Opening Ceremony

17th at 10:30 in the center of SYHDEE industrial park square stands nearly 300 people along side the 50-meter red carpet, awaiting for the very moment, the 5th anniversary of SYHDEE.

Syhdee opening ceremony

It was on 17th, May, 2014 that the grand Huizhou SYHDEE Industrial park opening ceremony is held. GM of SYHDEE, Mr. King Liu, Deputy General Manager Mr. Tang, Mr. Zhong, and Mr. Chen, along with all SYHDEE staff attended this opening rite.

“ After 3 month construction work, Huizhou SYHDEE industrial park has been completely up. All congratulations!” Addressing the ceremony, Mr. King Liu, GM of SYHDEE, said: “ Nice as nice day can be, Huizhou SYHDEE Industrial Park has been up and put into operation today. Partners and friends from here and there are very welcome to join this moment. Penetrating into LED tube lights for nearly 5 years , to meet greater demands for our customers and keep pace with LED industry development, SYHDEE has decided to enlarge our manufacturing scope. This is the day when SYHDEE turned over new leaf. ”

opening ceremony

Huizhou SYHDEE Industrial Park, occupied a 30,000 squaremeter, has been the new LED tube lights manufacturing as well as working office center for Shenzhen Syhdee Manufactory Co. Ltd. " Till May, the new workshop is able to be put into running. The ultimate month production capacity will reach up to one million." observed Mr. Zhong, SYHDEE vice general manager.


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