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LED Lighting Solutions for Shenzhen Metro

Shenzhen, renown as China economic center, has become one important global city. Shenzhen Metro construction has currently built up 5 subway lines, including Luobao Line, Longhua Line, Shekou line, Line 3, Longhuan Middle Line.

In 2013, Shenzhen Metro station retrofit project applied new LED lamps for traditional fluorescent tube replacement. Syhdee has designed the high brightness LED tube t8 series for Shenzhen metro station lighting replacement. Considering high safety standard and lifespan, We provided our customers the LED tube solution: 5 years warranty tube t8 18W CCT(4000K-4500K) applied in the metro station hall and train carriages. Those are photos showed as bellow:

Photo Courtesy of Syhdee: LED Tubes Application for Metro Carriage

Photo Courtesy of Syhdee: Tube Lights Application for Metro Station Hall


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