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LED Tube for Retrofit Project in Wal-mart USA

Background: With the advantage of energy saving and eco-friendliness, LED has become the most promising light source. LED lamps for commercial and architectural lighting produced great ROI(Return of Investment). Today LED lamps for commercial and architectural in America bear great demands. In 2013, the largest retail supermarket Wal-mart in America initiated its lighting retrofit project, requiring seven thausand pieces LED tubes in this case.

Solutions: We offered our customers with the customized LED tube solutions. LED tube T8 series were applied in this case. Considering lighting emitting effect and appropriate power supply, we adopted CCT of 4000-4500K 18W T8 tube lights in lighting retrofit. Frosted PC covers ensure soft and uniform light emitting.

(Photo Courtesy of SYHDEE: Walmart LED Tube Retrofit)

Consequence:USA customers have accepted our solution. In accordance with his feedback. One year's consumption can reduce half electricity and save electrical bill as expected and beyond.


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