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Come here! Friends! SYHDEE makes you feel at home!

SYHDEE HR Department

SYHDEE Human Resources Administration & Ministry of Finance Department.

Service for the utmost. We expect any one who are intended to come into SYHDEE. We shall provide you with professional training. In SYHDEE, you will feel that we are a big family!


It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, but the one most responsive to change. – Charles Darwin

The market belongs to the ones who are willing, dedicated and ambitious. We are experienced and energetic; we are enthusiastic and confident; and we are ready in this unpredictable and challenging market.

As the chief marketing manager of the Overseas Business Department, William Chen, who’s knowledgeable and determined, leads his team to overcome every difficulty and reach the top!

Chen Xia, director of Domestic Business Dept., with his personal charm and business acumen, makes the way for domestic business market!

We battle like wolves; we observe like eagles; we strike like panthers! And we never give up!

In Syhdee, we are a big loving family. We share our happiness and sorrow every time. We take our responsibilities as a family member and grow stronger and stronger.

We are different, but we share one dream. We hold our hands, smash every obstacle and break one and another record in the way to go farther.

United as one person, Love as one family,Strict as an army, Fighting as a wolf pack

SYHDEE Manufacture Department is a group with the common goal. Constituted by the energetic young people who are experts in manufacture, we are dedicated to producing high quality and top-grade SYHDEE LED tube.

In SYHDEE, we are like a family. There is no heroism but the Hero Team. To ensure the best quality of products, we need every partner’s tireless efforts. We are working together, living together and growing together. Honesty, Pragmatism, Innovation, Responsibility, these are our concepts.

Nothing is impossible, only unexpected thing

SYHDEE QC Department

Our QC team is total of 25 people. United and committed we are, there being no excuses for the common purpose, to meet customers' needs and requirements even our products can exceed customer's expectations.

We are a sales executive who produced the promoters, We are the brick, where the need where to move.

SYHDEE Documentary Department

We are the bridge of SYHDEE sales and production. The young team has never been lacking passion. With the love of the work, we maintained a strong pursuit of efficiency and perfect heart. Here, each of the sales and customer orders will be taken seriously and actively perfect. We are the strong support to ensure good sales, Believe in SYHDEE, trust us.Your need is our power, your satisfaction is our destination. Fighting.

Professionalism is the hand,Team is our heart,Technology is our brain,Service is our duty.

SYHDEE R&D Department

Design is the soul of the lighting. We are a professional team focused on LED lighting product design and development. With independent core technology and R & D capabilities, we are able to provide customers with professional LED indoor lighting solutions mission to market demand, according to the application characteristics of different markets, combined with their own advantages LED lamps, developed a variety of energy-saving LED lighting applications.

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